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Heal Me

Daniela Spalletta

The videoclip of “Heal me” will be available on youtube on February 12th

Heal Me

Heal me is a pagan prayer. A blueprint of restlessness, a miracle invocation: a solar storm piercing a body corrupted by vice, reawakening it from slumber. It’s a post-progressive tune, with psychedelic and reichian atmospheres, the obstinate instrumental overlap with polyrhythmic and contrapuntal lines, suggesting the illusion of an irregular pulsation, which is revealed during the development of the plot. In the end, the vocal canon, establishes a momentary relaxation: the light storm is about to end, leaving space to an exhausting stillness.

Heal me and The Gift represent moments and visions in extreme contrast with each other: while The Gift, the first single, is about reconciliation, pacification, the synthesis of opposites, Heal me is the moment of conflict, interior war, separation. The compositional plot of Heal me, with its polyrhythmic joints and its neurotic lines, is a sort of Rubik’s cube in transformation, a present in analytically observed becoming, the erotic premonition of a metamorphosis, both physical and psychic..

In the videoclip we wanted to describe a stream of consciousness, a storytelling to recall the psychoanalytic process of free association. The key theme, as for the whole disc, is the transformation, the metamorphosis and its observation, recalling here dreamlike and Kafkaesque images. The serene sleeping eyes, uneasily arouse and observe the dream, as spectators: small insects becoming disturbing and grotesque giants, flowers are erotic and sensual nymphs. The world, outside and inside the dreamer, seen up close reveals its authentic form, revealing an unsuspected, articulated and powerful voluptuousness.

Heal Me

Heal me! Cure me!
Heal me! Cure me!
Heal me! Cure me!

Heal me! Cure me!
Heal me, breaking through my chest!
Heal me! Liberate me! Wet me! Burn into me!
Just feel that surge of electricity,
parting my moist lips, my neck’s leaning back.
See the lightning, my cells ready to merge
in its positron storm:
now I can shine! - Shine!
Made first contact with the awakened line!
Now! Shine!

Heal me, pierce through bones,
slip my wrists from the whorls of this bondage.
Heal me, burn into me,
undo the hurt holy hook - now heal me –
undo this break between body and its primordial wisdom.
Heal me.
Undo the break.
Heal me.


Guariscimi! Curami!
Guariscimi! Curami!
Guariscimi! Curami!

Guariscimi! Curami!
Guariscimi, sfonda il mio petto!
Guariscimi! Liberami! Bagnami! Bruciami!
La sento, quest’onda elettrica,
che separa le mie labbra umide, il mio collo si piega all’ indietro.
Lo vedo, il fulmine, le mie cellule, pronte a fondersi
nella sua tempesta di positroni:
ora posso splendere! - Splendi!
Ho avuto il primo contatto con la linea del risveglio!
Splendi! Ora!

Guariscimi, trafiggi le mie ossa,
libera i miei polsi dalle spirali di questa schiavitù.
Guariscimi, brucia dentro di me,
ripara il gancio sacro ferito – ora, guariscimi –
annulla la separazione fra il corpo e la sua saggezza primordiale.
Annulla la separazione.

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photo Rori Palazzo


Daniela Spalletta

Concept, Composer, Arranger, String Arrangements, Vocal Arrangements, Lyricist, Music Director

Jani Moder

Featured Artist

Valerio Scirè


Paolo Galletta


D.Spalletta, A.Fidone, R.Samperi

Creative direction, Producers

Rori Palazzo

Page Photographer

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