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Per Aspera ad Astra is a spiritual journey in a time-space bubble.
A restless wandering (Heal me, Coiled in a bondage).
A ruinous fall from the surface of the existence to the darkest depths of the soul (Samsara).
Then, the gentle Light of Life inexorably conquers me (The Gift),
so I rise slowly, with prayer and meditation, rediscovering the vital energy (Power Flow-er),
its holy breath (Flamen),
until I am reunited with my own inner diamond (Rosa),
ready to let my anguish flow (Flow):
then I accept that I am pure life and I do not need to fear death (Yasam).
Aware of it, an irresistible joy overwhelms me
and I sing to the Universe a chant of energy and light (Rainbow Runners),
before abandoning myself again, with gratitude, to the mystery of Life (Per Aspera ad Astra).
I do this journey with my eyes constantly turned to the sky (Up),
with a faith: even in the darkest times,
there is always a hook between the heart and the Infinite Love above it.

Per Aspera ad Astra is a personal path with a universal message:

the way of virtue and spiritual ascent is fraught with difficulties, but through it, all human beings can overcome themselves and rise to the stars.


Daniela Spalletta

vocals, backing vocals

Seby Burgio


Alberto Fidone

doublebass, electric bass

Peppe Tringali


Jani Moder

electric guitar
acoustic guitar

Violin 1 - TRP Studio Orchestra

Giovanni Cucuccio, Dario Militano,
Lucrezia Costanzo, Ricardo Urbina

Violin 2 - TRP Studio Orchestra

Alexandra Dimitrova, Clelia Lavenia,
Samantha Fidanza, Irina Viktorovskaya

Viola - TRP Studio Orchestra

Rosaria Milici
Manuela Caserta

Cello - TRP Studio Orchestra

Teresa Raffaella Suriano, Chiara D’Aparo

Doublebass - TRP Studio Orchestra

Maria Patrizia Privitera

All compositions and arrangements by Daniela Spalletta. Lyrics by Daniela Spalletta, except for “Yasam” (lyrics by Nazim Hikmet, music by Daniela Spalletta).
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Early in the morning, sitting under the Big Tree, I greet the night, which has the form of what has no form, the primordial dwelling, where the infinite world is endlessly established.
Early in the morning, at the foot of the purple mountain, I give thanks for the flame of love that shines in my heart. Which gives the bliss of consciousness and dances with flamingos and herons, in the liquid belly of the lake.
Early in the morning, and along its day, I give thanks for the love that I am, for the love that is in my life and for the love that surrounds me. I enter its oval prism and immerse myself in the infinite present, where everything is, and nothing is in vain.
The past is no longer, the future is not yet. Where am I now? I am here now.


Daniela Spalletta

Concept, Composer, Arranger, String Arrangements, Vocal Arrangements, Lyricist, Music Director

Jani Moder

Featured Artist

Valerio Scirè


Walter Silvestrini

Cover – Inside – Back Artwork

Paolo Galletta

Backstage – Outdoor Portrait Photography

Rori Palazzo

Inside booklet Photography

Giuseppe Caruso

Backstage Videos

D.Spalletta, A.Fidone, R.Samperi

Creative direction, Producers
Recorded, Mix and Mastered by Riccardo Samperi at TRP STUDIO (Tremestieri Etneo, Italy)

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